The National Zoo and Aquarium and Jamala Wildlife Lodge used Go Transit for the design and production of artwork for two Action buses. We have had so much positive feedback from the buses that we then commissioned their sister company Impact Wrap to design and produce full wraps for two of our 12 seat zoo buses. We park these on the nature strip of the zoo most days, so that thousands of cars daily see them.
People are constantly amazed at the detail, creativity and overall impact of all four buses, so we have since commissioned Impact Wrap to do wraps for the zoo ute and the Ford Territory. We wholeheartedly believe that the quality of the work and eye-catching result has had a significant impact on the public’s awareness of the zoo and Jamala. Impact Wrap have been totally professional and incredibly patient with our sometimes difficult requests.

Richard Tindale

Travis Schultz Law

Having long been a fan of outdoor and locational advertising, I was easily sold on the idea of fully wrapping some corporate cars that we recently acquired for our start-up legal practice. I expected a highly visible and well crafted canvas which ably promoted our key messages and points of difference.
What I could not, however, have foreseen was the Rolls-Royce service, the platinum edged attention to detail and the A-list personal attention that we were delivered during the process. I had high expectations, but they weren’t just met – they were blown away.

Kelly Phelps
Practice Manager

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